Connie Palmen

Connie Palmen is an award winning Dutch author whose books have been translated into many languages worldwide.

Palmen’s debuted novel The Laws was shortlisted for the 1996 International Dublin Literary Award.

Her second novel, The Friendship, is the story of the lifelong friendship of two girls with completely different characters.

The Laws

Over a period of seven years a young woman encounters seven men – an astrologer, an epileptic, a philosopher, a priest, a physicist, an artist and a psychiatrist. Through them, and the laws which they have chosen to live by, she seeks to understand the certainites of an uncertain world.


It was in the village school playground that Kit first laid eyes on Ara and determined that they were to become best friends. Kit was 10, Ara two years older. If Kit was a scrawny little girl, quick and dynamic, Ara was large, slow, and deliberate. The story of their friendship is told through the eyes of Kit, and it shows with astonishing precision just how a person, especially someone growing up, is a battleground on which obsessive claims of the mind, addictions, and instincts strive for domination. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program where Amazon will pay us a commission for linking to products on and affiliated sites.